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Credit: ALCook

About Us


Why name after Gustav Mahler?


The spirit of GMO was inspired from Gustav Mahler for:


a. Mahler was committed to the form of symphony and realized its full potential.


b. Mahler restored the sound-world of everyday life and voices of common people to classical ideality.


c. Mahler explored the balance between vernacular and elite culture as well as tradition and modernity.


What does GMO logo mean?

The logo of GMO was inspired by The Tree of of Life by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt,

a contemporary of Mahler with similar artistic ambition. 

The logo represents the following meanings:


a. Youth & Creativity: It’s a lush vibrant sapling full of colourful leaves.


b. Passion & Commitment: It’s a shining candle which burns itself with heart and soul.


c. Orchestra & Leadership: It’s a little person who are conducting an orchestra with colourful sound.


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